- To bring the benefits of education to all levels of society throughout India, by establishing primary, secondary and higher secondary schools, teacher training institutions, open school classes, vocational training programs and adult literacy programs.

- To work for the improvement of the education system in the private and public sectors , in rural and urban India, by engaging with the Governmental and non-governmental organisations and working towards policy reform, curricular reform, teacher training programs, research programs, school enrichment programs and other innovative interventions using new technologies.


-To impart quality education in a congenial atmosphere for the girl child to develop to her best potential, enabling her to contribute to society in a constructive way while facing the challenges of life.

-We aim at training our students to strive for all excellence in order to take leadership in assisting their fellow citizens to create a just society, where the underprivileged and exploited, especially women, children, and dalits are restored to their God-given dignity, rights and freedom and thus bring about social transformation.